Chocolate Mousse Recipe – It’s worth it!

I know, it’s tasty. That’s why we are all looking for newer and better chocolate mousse recipes.

But, before you scroll down to find a bunch of good chocolate mousse recipes maybe you might be interested in reading this.

Here are some very interesting facts about chocolate that maybe you did not know.

Did you know:

1. that the husks of cocoa beans contain a plaque-fighting antibacterial compound that is good for teeth, the opposite of the effect of the sugar that makes it sweet.

2. chocolate contains phenylethylamine. This neurotransmitter stimulates the body’s pleasure centers.

3. another neurotransmitter found in chocolate is anandaminde. This neurotransmitter targets the same brain structures as the active ingredient in marijuana, THC. But the levels of all these substances are small.

4. Chocolate has a number of drug-like effects. It has caffeine, although less than coffee, another mild stimulate and diuretic called theobromine, another substance that is a building block of the neurotransmitter that produces pleasure, and more.

Cocoa spoon

(Image from Shooterstock)5. It has substances that are beneficial for heart health, that sustain a pleasure response in the brain, and mood-altering compounds that put one in the mood for love.

6. Chocolate contains magnesium and iron, which may be part of why women, who need more of these nutrients, crave chocolate. Magnesium deficiencies contribute to pre-menstrual tension, so give that woman some chocolate if she seems cranky.

7. Becoming a chocoholic is a matter of becoming psychologically dependant on its pleasurable effects. The craving is real but it is not a physical addiction.

8. Cocoa butter is a fat that melts at about body temperate, which is why chocolate melts in your hand or your mouth.

9. The name “theobroma” is Greek for “food of the gods,” which is what the Aztecs called the source of their chocolate drink.

10. Chocolate manufacturers use 40 percent of the world’s almonds.

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